Hello all! I’m Georgia! Through this blog I’d like for you to get to know me better. I am 14, I live in Wisconsin, and I’m still in High School.

In my family I have my parents, two older sisters, and a teeny tiny dog named Charlie. My family is extremely important to me. They are my backup, my support group, and the people who keep me on task. Like every teenage girl and her mom, my mom and I have our rough patches, but that doesn’t mean she and I aren’t best friends. My dad is, well, my dad. He’s strict at times but he trusts me and I appreciate that. My sisters are a whole different story, and really I could go on for hours. Between my sisters and I, I am the perfect mix of the two. Because of the large age gap (eight years) it’s possible that they had more of an influence on me than my actual parents. They are both moved out now and I sometimes feel like I don’t have siblings, but then I get the occasional “What are you doing this weekend?” text from. We hang out and go places all the time together and I swear they know more about me than I do and to be honest it’s perfect that way.

Like I said, I’m still in High School. With that comes lots of experiences already, and tons more to come. I sort of participated in a club Freshman Year but stopped after a couple of events. I do my own things in my free time so it got in the way a tad. The most that I got out of Freshman year was from two classes, Accelerated Freshman English and Art Foundations. Both classes somehow sparked my interests in the following: painting, writing, and making this blog. Painting was never my strong suit. It always dragged behind as something I had to do in art class but nothing more. Now I’m realizing it can be fun and I’m very good at it (according to my mom). Writing was also never something I thought I was good at. But I realized I was just writing the wrong things. Now I’m starting a novel which I never thought I’d do. I find it soothing and really uses up all of my creative energy for the day that’s for sure. This blog, definitely an idea, not sure if it’s good or bad one yet. But hey we’ll see where this goes.

Now that you’ve seen a peek into my life, I hope you can enjoy this blog and feel free to contact me for anything else!