Watercolor Techniques To Get You Started

We all know how frustrating watercolor can be when you’re trying it for the first time. You either make a watery mess or you mix colors on accident. But we can fix that with these simple tips and tricks!

  • Use Textures – A great way to add something special to that puddle of red paint is texture. Anything that has texture already or can soak up paint is a great way to add texture to your painting. You could also just use a small brush to push some of the paint away.
  • Use Water To Your Advantage – It is called watercolor right? Use drips of water to add spots, dilute your paint or make it more opaque, get different colors with the water. It’s simple, yet effective.
  • Practice With Gradients – Gradients will help you get used to how the paint flows and blends. Experiment with water concentration and dry time to see how it affects the end result.
  • Layer Colors To Get Different Effects – When you layer colors together is can either blend them or give a translucent look depending on how long you wait. Waiting little to no time will blend the colors together and waiting until it is almost or already dry will layer the colors.
  • Practice With Ink Or Outlines – Using outlines to guide you and your brush will give you some practice on where your brush is and how to control it. Start with simple shapes and then work your way towards more intricate spaces until you can freehand watercolor.

With these few techniques and tips you can soon become very talented with watercolor. If you need more help go here or here for more!


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